Should Faith feature in secular songs?

Should Faith feature in secular songs?

Should Faith Feature in Secular Music?

November 11, 2022

Dmx- The prayer (skit)

Nipsey Hussle- Right Hand 2 God (Please note: Explicit)

Jay-Z “Pray”

Is it wrong - even blasphemous - for some of these more traditional, mainstream artists to produce biblically inspired tracks? Let’s face it, it’s not just a matter of some of our most beloved, philanthropic singers who are delving into faith-based music. In some cases, the artists are raw, profane, even offensively controversial! 

So, should Jesus, God, and faith feature in their music?

We say a resounding, Yes! And here are our 3 reasons why:

  1. There’s No Such Thing As “Wrong” Faith. No matter where it is found, faith is a testament to God.

  1. Who Are We to Judge? Matthew 7:1 is our guiding principle here, “Do not judge lest ye be judged.” That is to say, whatever our personal feelings may be about an artist, their faith is between them and the Lord. It isn’t our place to cast judgment upon how they decide to express their faith.

  1. The Power of Music. We see the power of music within our church choirs. We’re also moved by Christian gospels performed by the greats, like Kirk Franklin. But the fact is, even with the transition of some popular artists over to the gospel genre (think Michelle Williams of Destiny’s Child fame), faith-based music as a whole still isn’t mainstream. So, when mainstream artists - whether hip hop, rock, pop, or RnB - use the power of music to cast a bright light on spirituality and bring it to the masses, we say that can only be for the better.

What do you think about faith featuring in secular music?


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